Effects of advanced warning information systems on secondary crash risk under connected vehicle environment

Seung-oh Son, Jeongho Jeong, Seongmin Park, Juneyoung Park

In-vehicle displays to support driver anticipation of traffic conflicts in automated vehicles

Dengbo He, Dina Kanaan and Birsen Donmez*

Predicting driver takeover performance in conditionally automated driving 

Na Du, Feng Zhou, Elizabeth M. Pulver,  Dawn M. Tilbury, Lionel P. Robert, Anuj K. Pradhan and X. Jessie Yang

Evaluation of Augmented Reality Cues to Improve the Safety of Left-Turn Maneuvers in a Connected Environment: a Driving Simulator Study

Alessandro Calvi, Fabrizio D’Amico, Chiara Ferrante, Luca Bianchini Ciampoli

A New Method of Temporal and Spatial Risk Estimation for Lane Change Considering Conventional Recognition Defects

Jiabin Wu, Huiying Wen, Weiwei Qi*

The impact of the connected environment on driving behavior and safety: A driving simulator study

Yasir Ali, Anshuman Sharma, Md. Mazharul Haque*,

Zuduo Zheng, and Mohammad Saifuzzaman

Investigating the Safety and Operational Benefits of Mixed Traffic Environments with Different Automated Vehicle Market Penetration Rates in the Proximity of a Driveway on an Urban Arterial

Seyedeh Maryam Mousavi*, OsamaA. Osman, Dominique Lord, Karen K. Dixon, Bahar Dadashova

Development and Application of Connected Vehicle Technology Test Platform Based on Driving Simulator: Case Study

Xiaohua Zhao, Haolin Chen, Haijian Li, Xuewei Li, Xin Chang, Xiaofan Feng, Yufei Chen

An Integrated Microsimulation Approach for Safety Performance Assessment of the Wyoming Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program

Guangchuan Yang, Mohamed M. Ahmed, and Eric Adomah

Examining the Effect of Road Horizontal Alignment on the Speed of Semi-automated Vehicles

Alfredo García, F. Javier Camacho-Torregrosa, Pedro V. Padovani Baez and David Llopis-Castelló

Exploring Drivers’ Mental Workload and Visual Demand while Using an In-Vehicle HMI for 
Eco-Safe Driving

Xiaomeng Li, Atiyeh Vaezipour, Andry Rakotonirainy, Sébastien Demmel, Oscar Oviedo-Trespalacios

Safety effectiveness and performance of lane support systems for driving assistance and automation 

Salvatore Cafiso, Giuseppina Pappalardo

Integration of Automated Vehicles in Mixed Traffic: Evaluating Changes in Performance of Following Human-driven Vehicles

Asad J. Khattak

Rear-end collision warning of connected automated vehicles based on a novel stochastic local multivehicle optimal velocity model

Jianghui Wen, Chaozhong Wu, Ruiyu Zhang, Xinping Xiao, Nengchao Nv, Yu Shi*

Review on Big Data Applications in Safety Research of ITS and CAVs

Yanqi Lian, Jaeyoung Lee*

The Application of Novel Connected Vehicles Emulated Data on Real-time Crash Potential Prediction for Arterials

Pei Li*, Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Qing Cai, Cheng Yuan

The adaptability and challenges of autonomous vehicles to pedestrians in urban China

Ke Wang*, Gang Li, Junlan Chen*, Yan Long, Tao Chen, Long Chen and Qin Xia

Poster18_Cyber-attacks in the next-generation cars, mitigation techniques,anticipated readiness

Poster18_Cyber-attacks in the next-generation cars, mitigation techniques,anticipated readiness

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Cyber-attacks in the next-generation cars, mitigation techniques, anticipated readiness

Shah Khalid Khan, Nirajan Shiwakoti and Peter Stasinopoulos