The following publications published in the special issue on "Road Safety under the Environment of Intelligent Connected Vehicles" are freely accessible until February 28, 2022.


The impact of the connected environment on driving behavior and safety: A driving simulator study

Ali, Yasir, Anshuman Sharma, Md Mazharul Haque, Zuduo Zheng, and Mohammad Saifuzzaman


The adaptability and challenges of autonomous vehicles to pedestrians in urban China    


Wang, Ke, Gang Li, Junlan Chen, Yan Long, Tao Chen, Long Chen, and Qin Xia


Safety assessment of highly automated driving systems in test tracks: A new framework


Feng, Shuo, Yiheng Feng, Xintao Yan, Shengyin Shen, Shaobing Xu, and Henry X. Liu


The effect of motor control requirements on drivers’ eye-gaze pattern during automated driving

Goncalves, Rafael C., Tyron L. Louw, Manuela Quaresma, Ruth Madigan, and Natasha Merat


A comparative study of state-of-the-art driving strategies for autonomous vehicles


Zhao, Can, Li Li, Xin Pei, Zhiheng Li, Fei-Yue Wang, and Xiangbin Wu


Predicting driver takeover performance in conditionally automated driving

Du, Na, Feng Zhou, Elizabeth M. Pulver, Dawn M. Tilbury, Lionel P. Robert, Anuj K. Pradhan, and X. Jessie Yang


An integrated architecture for intelligence evaluation of automated vehicles


Huang, Heye, Xunjia Zheng, Yibin Yang, Jinxin Liu, Wenjun Liu, and Jianqiang Wang


Exploring drivers’ mental workload and visual demand while using an in-vehicle HMI for eco-safe driving

Li, Xiaomeng, Atiyeh Vaezipour, Andry Rakotonirainy, Sebastien Demmel, and Oscar Oviedo-Trespalacios


Driving risk assessment based on naturalistic driving study and driver attitude questionnaire analysis 

Wang, Jianqiang, Heye Huang, Yang Li, Hanchu Zhou, Jinxin Liu, and Qing Xu


Stated acceptance and behavioral responses of drivers towards innovative connected vehicle applications

Li, Weixia, Guoyuan Wu, Danya Yao, Yi Zhang, Matthew J. Barth, and Kanok Boriboonsomsin


Evaluating driver eye glance behavior and secondary task engagement while using driving automation systems

Noble, Alexandria M., Melissa Miles, Miguel A. Perez, Feng Guo, and Sheila G. Klauer



The development and validation of the perceived safety of intelligent connected vehicles scale


Cao, Jianqin, Li Lin, Jingyu Zhang, Liang Zhang, Ya Wang, and Jifang Wang


Mining and comparative analysis of typical pre-crash scenarios from IGLAD

Hu, Wenhao, Xiangyang Xu, Zhaohui Zhou, Yahui Liu, Yan Wang, Lingyun Xiao, and Xucheng Qian



Research of fatal car-to-pedestrian precrash scenarios for the testing of the active safety system in China

Tan, Zhengping, Yaoyue Che, Lingyun Xiao, Wenhao Hu, Pingfei Li, and Jin Xu


Examining the effect of road horizontal alignment on the speed of semi-automated vehicles

García, Alfredo, Francisco Javier Camacho-Torregrosa, and Pedro Vinicio Padovani Baez